Greeters’ charter

Art 1. Who are the “Greeters”?

Our volunteer Greeters are from Nancy and the local area: they want to meet other people and share their passion and insider knowledge of the City. Young and old, they are open to other cultures and come from diverse backgrounds. Greeters offer to accompany tourists across the City, showing them all sorts of magical and wonderful places, depending on everyone’s likes and interests. Greeters must be motivated, open-minded, sociable and available at least 2 half-days per month, and of course they must be “people people”. Being fluent in another language is not compulsory but it might be useful if meeting foreign tourists. Greeters must be over 18, although Greeters may be accompanied by children under 18. A Greeter is not a guide, but simply enthusiastic about showing Nancy in a unique, authentic and friendly way, so the walks are not guided tours. Greeters adapt the route to what the visitors want to see. Themes can be very different: art, culture, nature, sport, gastronomy, shopping, etc. Greeters are facilitators, and this is very much about human interaction and cultural exchange.

Art 2. Who is it for?

Nancy Tourism Greeters can help anyone. Families, groups of friends, couples, or people staying on their own in Nancy for leisure or business purposes. The number of visitors in a group is limited to six people. Groups must include at least one person over 18.

Art 3. How do visitors get in touch with Greeters?

In order to get in touch with a Greeter, every visitor must complete an on-line form in which the number of people, their interests, theme and the language must be specified. This form helps Nancy Tourist Info Centre to find the most suitable Greeter available to look after the visitor. Then the Greeter organises a time and place to meet, which Nancy Tourist Info Centre tells the visitors. The meeting point will be chosen according to where the walk is to take place and should be easy to find. In order to make things easier, the completed form will be sent to the Greeter before the walk and contact details (mobile phone numbers) will be exchanged.

Art 4. Some further details about the meeting…

Every walk is unique; it is tailored according to the visitors’ interests, the specific Greeter, the weather and how the Greeter and visitor interact… A Nancy Tourism Greeter can work alone or with another person, according to who is in the visitor’s group. For instance, if visitors are coming with friends or family, a Nancy Tourism Greeter may bring along members of their family to make things more sociable.
The walk lasts around 2 hours, but can last longer if both the visitor and the Greeter agree.
If there are any expenses (for coffee, transport tickets, entrance tickets, etc.), the visitor and Greeter pay for their own expenses. The Greeter must not pay for the Visitor or vice versa.
Visitors are made aware of the rules and objectives and agree with them. If they do not comply with the rules (for instance, if they arrive late, if they are rude or if they look disinterested), the Greeter may stop the walk and leave. The Greeter service is free of charge for the visitors and Greeters must not accept any tips or gratuities.